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The Leader in Smell Proof Bag Storage

As the most trusted online brand in the Smell Proof Storage space, Herb Guard has quickly grown into the leader in smell proof bags, cases and more. With a complete focus on preserving your goods, maintaining freshness and providing full discrete protection, it’s easy to see why over 120,000 customers trust Herb Guard as their go-to storage company.

What Makes Our Smell Proof Bags Different?

Unlike our competitors, Herb Guard doesn’t cut corners. We provide a smell proof experience and entire travel kit that allows you to store your goods at home or take them with you and preserve the freshness of any goods you store inside.

All of our bags come with a classic look and design that provides a distinct yet unassuming look no matter where you go. From the high quality materials to the essential HG logo, weather proof exterior and unmatched, innovative design, our bags provide a premium storage experience for any occasion or location.

Herb Guard offers a wide variety and selection when it comes to your storage needs. From bags that contain built in locks to keep your contents private, to bags with steady Velcro for easy access, cases to hold your goods and accessories and more, we offer a smell proof storage solution to meet everyone’s needs.

How Does the Odor Proof Technology Work?

Herb Guard uses a patented carbon lining to absorb and eliminate all scents and smells. It works by first absorbing the odors that are given off by your goods, then trapping and containing it allowing the bag to remain 100% odor free.

  • 100% Smell Proof Technology allows for you to travel anywhere with full privacy and peace of mind.
  • Stylish and unassuming design with the classic HG logo that looks good at home or on the road
  • Premium materials mean your bag is built to withstand tough and conditions and protect the items you store inside
  • Herb Guard offers multiple sizes that work for home storage or pack perfectly into a backpack, purse or bag.
  • Not just a bag, we offer a travel kit. Each bag comes with resealable travel bags to keep your goods fresh

Each bag has a highly functional design where innovation meets discrete style. This means you can travel with full confidence that all of your goods are private, and most importantly, you can do it with style. Each bag has a classic look and design with multiple sizes depending on your storage needs.

Does the Odor Proof Protection Really Stop All Smells?

No matter what you store inside, the smell is undetectable. Herb Guard stands behind all of our products and we offer a 100% money back guarantee on any purchase if you’re not happy with the products. We believe in the value of our odor proof bags so much that we’ll make sure there’s zero risk when you order.

Find out why Herb Guard is the most trusted and most searched for smell proof company. Often imitated, never duplicated. We’re here to enhance your storage experience one bag a time.