Why You Need a High Quality Stash Box, And How to Find One

First things first… At this point, do we really even need stash boxes?

Smell Proof Stash Box

Things are changing. Being a casual connoisseur now is no longer what it was perceived to be. We're entering a new era of herbs as a tool for wellness, a way to move away from prescription pills and other surface-level coping mechanisms which create their own assortment of problems.

While the use of plants is becoming acceptable, the need for discretion is still a point of concern for many people. Take for example the type A executive who resorts to hiding small tinctures in her makeup bag for days that are particularly taxing. Or perhaps a casual daily user who would prefer to keep the smell to a minimum to avoid melodrama at a family dinner.

Regardless of what your life circumstance happens to be, discreet products are perfect for whenever you want to keep things on the down-low.


What Makes a good stash box?

At first glance, the basic description of "stash box" seems to be pretty straightforward. It would seem that the only pre-requisites would be a form of containment with a seal. However, the divide between a good enough and the perfect stash box can get pretty big.

In essence, you're looking for a safe, secure, and of course, "discrete" place in which to organize all of your favorite gear and supplies.

Things can become complicated when you go out to research and realize that there are so many market offerings these days. In order to ensure that you're making an informed decision, here's what you should think about before getting your next stash box.

The "Box" itself

There's been a lot of options when it comes to boxes recently. Some still choose to use the good old mason jar, toolbox, or just about anything "boxy" that will hold their supply. But if you're down to spend a little extra on proper equipment… it's definitely worth it to get a quality box.

The Wooden Humidor: You may have heard that humidors are used for storing tobacco, which needs significantly more humidity. Although not to the same degree, your nugs will still need some of that humidity.  Wooden humidor stash boxes are specifically built to keep your stash at the perfect level of "Fresh".

The Herb Guard humidor is made of a cedar wood that adds an amazing scent and flavor while blocking out almost all smell entirely from leaving the box. It comes equipped with a built in, yet removable tray, an HG metal card and a humidity device to make sure your contents stay fresh.

Another great feature is a built in key lock to keep your goods secure and out of harms way. When storing your contents it's important to have full peace of mind and between the smell proof properties and locking functionality, that's exactly what our smell proof boxes provide.

All Herb Guard products are here to guarantee a discreet and sleek style while being extremely functional and keeping your goods fresh.


Hard-Sided Box:  If you're really into the whole "Rugged" look, then this just may be the option for you. These feature hard sides and gasket seal tech. These are the boxes you can take on Indiana Jones types adventures without the fear of getting crushed.  As a side,  people will stay out of your business. 

Hardshell Stash Box by Herb Guard

Picking a stash box based on your needs 

First Things First: Essentials

Safety and Security This will greatly depend on how and more importantly " who " you live with. Most stash boxes will come with some sort of basic locking mechanism. If you have a particularly high need to keep intruders out, then there are boxes on the market that go far beyond the basic combination locks to biometric print locks.

Storage:  Any other smokable herbs farewell whenever their environments are low-light, airtight, with relatively low humidity. This means that you'll be looking for something secure, easy to access, with all of the above elements - for a "long-term" storage option.

We've all been there. Using everything from mason jars to small Ziploc bags. Basically anything in your kitchen that "looks like" it can do the job. These are all fine as short-term solutions. But they are nowhere near professional-grade boxes and bags, which are optimal for keeping humidity at the optimal level and UV rays at bay.


Smell: Part of masquerading our supply means that we keep the smell on the DL and away from unwanted noses. To ensure that odors don't get through it’s common practice to use odor packs. These are often made with active carbon to trap smells.  Alternatively, you can find smell-proof bags or after-smoke spray.

Supplies:  Every good scout knows they have to prepare their supplies before the trip. Of course, every 'trip' will depend on the scout. As mentioned many Herb Guard products come packed with the essentials you already need, however, there is a difference between home and travel storage.

The supplies you need will vary based on where you plan on going (or not going). Click here to check out our travel stash box and stash case kits and bundles. Perfect for on the road or quiet in home storage.

Of course, you may have some personal favorites that you'd like to house in your stash box.


Things to consider having...

Wood Box Cedar Smell

Many of these will depend on you as the consumer to determine whether or not they'll end up in your box. Here are some items worth thinking about.

What storage box is right for you? 

In effect, if you're looking for a long-term storage option that will house all of your necessary supplies and keep your bud at a necessary temperature then you should seriously consider getting a stash box to keep all of your valuables in a safe, secure, and easy to access location.



The style of stash box will largely depend on your particular taste, need for mobility, and of course, the supplies that you’ll be placing within the box. 

Check out the selection at Herb Guard with a range of clean wooden humidor boxes and the more rugged hard-sided box.  

This is why you need a quality stash box!

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