Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Built In Lock - Upgraded Premium YKK Zippers

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  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY BUILT INTO THE CASE LOCKS IN ALL SMELLS - Have full confidence knowing the Herb Guard Bag contains all smells while keeping your goods fresh!
  • THE PREMIUM SMELL PROOF COMBO KIT - Comes with 250ml Ultraviolet Jar, and 5 Resealable Travel Bags! Each pouch also contains 2 removable dividers allowing you to store and organize your goods however you choose
  • NEW UPGRADED YKK ZIPPERS - We listened to our Customers' feedback and upgraded our case to the highest quality zippers on the planet, YKK zippers. Grey XL Case has SZIP zippers
  • THE LARGEST SMELL PROOF CASE AVAILABLE - The Extra Large Case's 11 by 8.5 by 5 Inch Dimensions are Nearly 3x the Size of Other Leading Competitors. Perfect for travel, documents, passports and other valuable accessories!
  • A SLEEK AND DISCRETE DESIGN FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS - This Bag is Built to Last. Each XL Case is 100% Weather Proof and Designed to Withstand Tears, and Rips. Every case makes it quick and easy to maintain and replenish the smell proof goodness 
Herb Guard XL Case

Herb Guard XL Case

The Extra Large Smell Proof Storage Case by Herb Guard

The Herb Guard Smell Proof Case is more than just a case or bag, it's an entire travel kit. The case comes equipped with smell proof travel bags, a jar and humidity system, a locking system and more.

The XL bag measures at 12 by 9.5 by 5.5 Inches and is nearly 3 times the size of other leading competitors.It's large enough to hold, organize and store all of your favorite consumable goods and items, yet compact enough to keep at home, in a drawer or in your car while traveling.

Why Choose Herb Guard?

The Premium Extra Large Smell Proof Bag

The XL case allows you to organize and store your favorite contents, herbs, dried foods and more. The locking case is nearly 3x the size of other industry competitors and comes with a jar, inner tray, lock and more to accompany your bag.

The lightweight bag is easy to hold and carry at events, festivals or any outdoor activities. It's also 100% smell proof which makes home storage effortless and discreet.

Experience the Herb Guard Difference

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The Largest Interior Storage of Any Bag

The XL case contains the largest interior storage compartment of any smell proof case on the market. It contains removable dividers allowing you to organize your bag any way you choose.

Proven to Keep Your Goods Fresh for Months

Each XL Bag comes with a humidity and jar system designed to keep your contents fresh for months. Travel without fear of your herbs, foods, teas or coffee expiring or drying up.

It's Not Just a Bag, It's An Entire Travel Kit

Herb Guard puts our customers first. We don't cut corners or go cheap on our products and look to provide an excellent customer experience every time. Each product is designed thoughtfully to provide you with the most value possible, this bag is no different!


Herb Guard - The Most Trusted Name in Smell Proof Storage

Herb Guard is the most trusted and most searched for brand in Smell Proof Bags and Cases. We're here to ensure you get the best customer experience from our smell proof products and we fully stand behind all of our products.

Our Customers Love Herb Guard Products



The smell proof case and bag contains an activated carbon lining with tiny pockets that trap and eliminate even the strongest smells. No matter what you store inside the scent will be gone.


The case remains smell proof for many months and even years. If it does being to release smell, put it in the dryer or take a hair dryer to the inside of it on light heat to reactivate the carbon lining.


Yes, we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee on all products


The packaging is simple and discreet. It is shipped in a plain box with the case inside.
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