Extra Large Locking Wood Stash Box by Herb Guard

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  • PROVEN TO KEEP YOUR CONTENTS FRESH - Each box set comes equipped with a humidifier to keep your contents fresh and maintain perfect humidity levels inside the environment.
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR TO HOLD ALL OF YOUR GOODS AND ACCESSORIES - This Box is 12 by 10.5 by 6 Inches, nearly double the size of other leading competitors.
  • BUILT IN LOCK & KEY GUARANTEES YOUR PRIVACY - Each Box comes with a sturdy lock built into it to guarantee your goods stay 100% private.
  • EACH BOX ELIMINATES SMELLS AND IS BUILT TO LAST - Every Herb Guard Stash Box is designed to trap and extinguish strong scents and odors.
  • INCLUDES SMELL PROOF JAR, GRINDER CARD AND HERB GUARD TRAY - The Herb Guard stash container comes with our 100ml Smell Proof Jar, a Grinder Card and HG Inner Rolling Tray.

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