Large Pink Creamsicle Smell Proof Case

4.89 Rating


100% Smell Proof Case, Sleek Design and Easy to Travel With

Built in Tray, J Holder, Customizable Interior and More

Comes with Ultraviolet Storage Jar, Travel Bags, Mini Brush, Shoulder Strap & More

1 Year Warranty on All Case Purchases and Reinforced Walls to Keep Contents Safe



#1 Storage and Smell Proof
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Look Cute, Stay Discreet

Everything You Need Built into the Perfect Pink Case

Each bag contains everything you need to stay organized. The perfect bag for home storage or road trips. Look cute and stay discreet.

Annotated image of an open storage bag with compartments and features labeled, on a pink background.
Pink cosmetic case with a zipper and a detachable strap on a split pink and white background.

The Ultimate Social Stash Bag

Whether you're buying for yourself or gifting for a friend, the creamsicle case will give huge fomo to all onlookers and fellow herb enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the case 100% Smell Proof?

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What's the difference between this bag and other smell proof bags?

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12 Month Money Back Guarantee

At Herb Guard, we are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our Bags. Even though we know you'll love it, Buy without fear!