The Ultimate Guide to Stash Jars

It takes a quality stash jar to protect your stuff and travel with strong odor products. If you want to store and protecting organic items for freshness and strength, you want a good stash jar. If you want stash goods without drawing attention, a sleek and stylish stash jar is your first choice. And, if you need to carry the pungent product in planes, trains, or automobiles, you want the best stash jar available.

Your stash could be anything: loose change, rare coffee beans, prescription medications, anything involving cabbage, or the herb of your choice. If you’ve been storing yours in cigar boxes, metal tins, plastic bags, or Tupperware, you should change your thinking.

What to look for in a stash jar

Whether you are preserving dry goods or wet, traveling to work, or flying cross-country and still want to prevent sharing annoying odors or cloying fragrances, you want containers worth the investment.

  • 100% airtight sealed jars are your best choice for containing quality and aromas.
  • UV protective glass protects contents from heat and harmful sunrays to protect quality and flavors for months.
  • 100% money-back guarantee allows a return of the durable black glass containers within 31-days.
  • Handsome sleek appearance let you carry them publicly or store them orderly.
  • Variety of sizes from tall and narrow to wide-necked and deep helps you seal and store any number of items.

Everyone likes their herb to stay fresh and good for as long as possible. This is why recently we've been seeing so many options for storing your goodies. Probably the biggest fan favorite is the OG "mason jar"

For many this is the easiest stash solution, considering its status as a household commodity.  While this does work, is it really the "best" way to preserve the herb?  Or are there better options when it comes to stash jars?

Avoid Using This at all Costs

Before we break down the key elements of choosing the proper stash jar, let's go over what you should never use to store your herb.

When it comes to plastic,  Just don’t' do it. These can come in the format of a plastic bag or a plastic bottle. In any case, they won't be able to trap the odor from the herb, and will certainly leave your herb dried out and damaged. In fact, it's possible for the carcinogens to seep into your herb if the plastic is in a warm environment.


What to look for when picking out your stash jar

When it comes to choosing your stash jar, it's important to think about the amount of herb you'll be storing.


Size Matters

If you're going to be using about an eighth here and there, then a smaller jar will do the job. If you're in the territory of about a quarter and a half for a few weeks, then you're looking for something a little more spacious like this.  If this carrying capacity still isn't enough, then consider taking a look at the big jars - with 500ml, and 1L carrying capacities.


UV Protection

Ever wonder why some people choose to have dark glass jars?  Is it makes them look badass? Probably, but it also has the added benefit of protecting against ultraviolet light, which under the circumstances of a transparent jar would only serve to dry out your bud.


Keep it Tight

Another aspect of DIY stash jars is the inability to protect against odor escape. In other words, they don't have an airtight seal. Not only does it make your stash less discrete, but the excess oxygen will also dry out the herb at a faster rate.


Keep it Fresh

To continue with the theme of fresh herb, there's something you should know… Even if you have a seal, maintaining the proper humidity levels for your herb requires some help. So if you're going through the effort of obtaining a prior herb jar, make sure to choose one with a  humidity regulator. This will allow the herb to keep its fresh leafy goodness for longer.


Durable, Heavy Duty Glass

"Broken glass" are words you don't want to be saying. This means that the type of glass your stash jar is made out of, matters!  Especially during times where you're likely to be a little clumsy. When choosing a jar make sure that it's made with high-quality durable glass. Unlike most glass, Miron Glass is designed to withstand impact.


Gift giving

Being a good friend means knowing what a friend needs, and if you know a friend who needs to stash their goodies, then this is the perfect gift. With discrete shipping and packaging, the stash box is the ultimate gift for those in need.

 premium smell proof jars

Why You Need a Premium Stash Jar

You may be stashing whole herbs or part, traveling to work or at an event, you need a tight-seal container that will keep the contents fresh, lasting, and secret. A good seal will prevent your unintentional sharing of cloying or annoying odors. You want a stash container worth the investment, and that starts with an airtight seal.

Metal containers can damage flavor. Most metals react with organic acids and corrupt the quality of the contents. Clear plastic baggies present similar problems. The static electricity charge can affect the herb’s composition and flavor and/or leach chemicals into the product. And, plastic bags admit damaging light.

What you’re looking for is an airtight glass jar for the best results. Traditional Mason jars help, but the clear glass permits passage of heat and UV rays to damage the contents. Herb Guard’s stash jars, for instance, are made of the highest quality black UltraViolet glass, thick and durable enough to survive drops and falls.

They also look so sleek and contemporary you can store them in the pantry, office, or closet. You can leave them right out in the open. These jars come with removable and replaceable labels and a scoop if you need one. Everything comes in a box suitable for gifting. And, if whatever you’re stashing needs humidity, there’s an 8 gram 62% Boveda Humidity Control pack included.

You can pack a lot into these handsome jars: the 8-inch high by 4-inch wide jar, 6-inch by 3-inch, 4-inch by 3-inch, 2.5-inch by 2.5-inch, or 2-inch by 2-inch versions. Customers often buy more than one to store more than one kind of product in tall, thin, and wide-mouth options.


Travel Well with Your Smell Proof Jar

Quality stash jars will protect your fine coffees, exotic teas, favorite tobacco, and more. They hold spices, seeds, and herbs of all kinds. And, while they are reasonably-priced, you might invest in a whole set of them. After all, they come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction-guaranteed policy!



So here's the verdict.  the more of the above features that your stash jar maintains the better overall protection and duration you'll have for your herb.

Looking to find all of these features in one place? Then visit herb guard, and take a look through the selection of stash jars that are sleek, strong & built to last.