Premium Stash Jars

Stash Jars: Keeping Your Goods Fresh and Odor-Free

stash jars

It takes a quality stash jar to protect your stuff and travel with odiferous products. If you want to store and protecting organic items for freshness and strength, you want a good stash jar. If you want to store your contents without drawing attention, a sleek and stylish stash jar is your first choice. And, if you need to carry the pungent goods you want the best stash jar available.

Your stash could be anything: loose change, rare coffee beans, prescription medications, dried foods or pungent contents. If you’ve been storing yours in cigar boxes, metal tins, plastic bags, or Tupperware, you should change your thinking.

Why You Need a Top-Quality Stash Jar!

You may be stashing whole herbs or part, traveling to work or school, you need a tight-seal container that will keep the contents fresh, lasting, and secret. A good seal will prevent your unintentional sharing of cloying or annoying odors. You want a stash container worth the investment, and that starts with an airtight seal.

Metal containers can damage flavor. Most metals react with organic acids and corrupt the quality of the contents. Clear plastic baggies present similar problems. The static electricity charge can affect the herb’s composition and flavor and/or leach chemicals into the product. And, plastic bags admit damaging light.

What you’re looking for is an airtight glass jar for the best results. Traditional Mason jars help, but the clear glass permits passage of heat and UV rays to damage the contents. Herb Guard’s stash jars, for instance, are made of the highest quality black Miron glass, thick and durable enough to survive drops and falls.

They also look so sleek and contemporary you can store them in the pantry, office, or closet. You can leave them right out in the open. These jars come with removable and replaceable labels and a scoop if you need one. Everything comes in a box suitable for gifting. And, if whatever you’re stashing needs humidity, there’s an 8 gram 62% Boveda Humidity Control pack included.

You can pack a lot into these handsome jars: the 8-inch high by 4-inch wide jar, 6-inch by 3-inch, 4-inch by 3-inch, 2.5-inch by 2.5-inch, or 2-inch by 2-inch versions. Customers often buy more than one to store more than one kind of product in tall, thin, and wide-mouth options.

Stash Well, Travel Well

Quality stash jars will protect your fine coffees, exotic teas, favorite tobacco, and more. They hold spices, seeds, and herbs of all kinds. And, while they are reasonably-priced, you might invest in a whole set of them.

After all, they come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction-guaranteed policy! Check out Herb Guard's collection of quality stash jars here.