Why a Smell Proof Backpack is Essential for Every Connoisseur and Enthusiast

As connoisseurs, we understand that carrying your goods often produces odors that can be less than desirable for those around us.

One solution is of course procuring a stash box, where you can conveniently store all of your contents.

These, however,  are often large and bulky, so they may not necessarily be the best option for those looking for mobility.

The next, and obvious, solution is the age-old, trusted backpack.

You may be inclined to use a typical backpack at your local Walmart to achieve this objective, but there are a few shortcomings when using a regular backpack when it comes to carrying your goods, or anything else which may produce an odor for that matter. 



Here’s an example of  Herb Guard’s Large Smell Proof Backpack... That checks off all of the desired features.


  1. Smell: The first issue, is the issue of smell. Most backpacks don't come with a  secure lining that protects against odor escape. Carbon linings are great at preventing this.

  1. Waterproof Seal: You wouldn’t want your backpack to be ruined by rain. Especially those vulnerable areas such as the zipper and the lock. Double Velcro and zipper seals are the perfect way to protect both the zipper and the built-in lock ( which comes with the bag).


  1. Combo Lock: Probably right after smell comes security. You went through the trouble of acquiring your goods. Now it's time to ensure security. Built-in combo locks are great because you'll never lose access ( unless you can’t remember :)  and allows an easy way to ensure that your goods are safe and secure.

  1. Easy Transportation: The reason backpacks were invented was for people to conveniently transport these goods. That’s why it's essential that your backpack has comfortable carrying options. The large smell-proof backpack by herb guard offers a comfortable side handle. Comfortably carry it on your back like a classical backpack, or as a case with the help of snap-in-place straps. Easily carry contents with 1 arm without loose handles and straps.


In short, smell-proof backpacks offer the best in scent and security protection. You can be sure that no matter where you are, the contents of your backpack are protected from curious noses and slippery fingers.

The Herb Guard smell proof backpack even features a unique side handle allowing you to carry it with ease as a duffle back. The bag is close to double the size of other backpacks and easily can easily fit your accessories, contents and more!

Between the locking functionality, the sleek look and the full smell proof capabilities, this bag provides peace of mind for every enthusiast.

If you're wondering where to start your search for a durable backpack with a large volume, then take a look at the large smell-proof backpack by Herb Guard with Built-in Combo Lock - full scent Proof Protection.


smell proof bag


  • Debra OToole

    I have one of these Amazing Backpacks. I store 12 of the HerbGuard 2 oz jars. I love how discreet it is. No one can believe I have that much store in it.
    Love Herb Guard and all its products

  • Jimmy Motta

    The backpack looks great and all but you forgot to put pictures of the inside of the pack. To see what other features it has in the inside!

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