Smell Proof Backpack

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Smell Proof Backpacks

There was a time, not too very long ago, when you would only find backpacks on the backs of campers and hikers. Somewhere in the last 50 years, people gave up on knapsacks, rucksacks, satchels, and briefcases in favor of the super portable, highly durable backpack.

With footings in scouting, soldiery, exploration, and countless other applications, backpacks have come to define generations of folks who can carry most of their lifestyle belongings on their backs. With technology making light of their music, reading, and location, you are free to travel even internationally with your backpack.

People travel by train, plane, bus, and car with packs containing everything they need and want. And, sometimes the contents are smelly.

What’s that smelling up the place?

Your backpack may carry odoriferous sweat clothes home from the gym. It may carry strong smelling spices, tea, or oils for cooking. Or, yours could carry skunky herbs or other organic material. If you don’t want to annoy your fellow travelers or give yourself away, you need a 100% smell proof backpack.

Herb Guard’s Large Smell Proof Backpack comes with its proprietary carbon lining to trap and absorb odors. Lightweight, rectangular, and deep, it is more than big enough to carry what you need for a trip. There’s room for shoes, shirts, and undies with plenty of space for a tablet, phone, and more.

It sits comfortably from shoulders to waist in inconspicuous and discreet charcoal gray. A double Velcro-sealed cover keeps water out and odors in while it hides and protects the zipper and lock. Each bag comes with a combination lock to secure your stash, the lock set to 0-0-0 so you can create your own combination. And, it comes with a strap handle on the side to carry like an overhead bag.

You could be a chef carrying fragrant ingredients, a traveler transporting uniquely aromatic plant species, or just about anyone traveling with skunky materials. But if your contents carry odors leaching into their surrounding air, fabrics, or goods, you should be shopping for Herb Guard’s 5-star rated Large Smell Proof Backpack.

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