2021 Herb Guard Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for yourself or a loved one this year, look no further than giving the gift of smell proof protection! Herb Guard has you covered whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or a brand new storage kit to keep your contents private.

We’ve put together this gift buying guide to help you navigate what products will best fit your price range and give you the most bang for your buck this holiday shopping season.


Why Buy Herb Guard?

It’s quite simple, HG is the most trusted and most searched for name in smell proof storage. While other companies claim “quality” and “premium” – the proof is in the reviews. Herb Guard has nearly 30,000 verified 5 star customer reviews and hundreds of people per day search for our company to store their precious contents.

Our products come professionally packaged and arrive discreetly so you’re loved ones really won’t know what’s inside (this is also true of our smell proof seal on all products).

Most importantly, no matter your budget, you can be guaranteed you’ll be getting the highest quality product and A1 customer service. If you have questions, need help or want more direction, feel free to reach out and one of our storage experts will be happy to help.

Now, on to the guide…



Looking for something with smell proof capabilities and compact enough to fit in a stocking? Our 50ml, 100ml, and 250ml stash jars are the perfect gift to stuff your stockings this holiday season.

Each ultraviolet jar is smell proof and guaranteed to keep your contents fresh for over 6 months! They come in professional gift box and are designed to last a life time. 

Check out our stocking stuffer jars here


Best Products Under $50


smell proof case

We’ll start with our most popular; the large smell proof case.

This case has it all, including a combo lock with cover, built in tray, full smell proof capabilities and even comes equipped with a storage jar to keep your bag organized.

It’s perfect for home storage, for on the go and most importantly contains millions of smell proof microfiber pockets to contain and hold in the smell.

Check out the Herb Guard Large Case here…


Next Up Our Best Selling 500ml Jar

Our 500ml jar is often considered the most popular stash jar on the planet. Why? Not only is it the best selling, but it has nearly 5,000 verified 5 star reviews. Chances are if you’re reading this, one of your friends owns one or has told you about it.

The jar is made of an ultraviolet thick glass that’s guaranteed to keep your contents fresh for over 6 months. It has a complete airtight seal to keep oxygen out and all smells locked inside and comes equipped with a humidity pack to keep all of your contents as fresh as the day you bought them.

You can check out the Herb Guard 500ml Jar here, or the upgraded locking jar kit which comes with a locking cover to keep prying hands out!


Best Products Under $70

More Carrying Capacity with the XL Case

XL Case

In our next category we’ve got the roomier version of the original smell proof case, the XL Smell Proof case. This has all the features of the first bag but with about 1.5x the carrying capacity, and it also includes some extra accessories inside.

The case is perfect to store and organize your contents and accessories, it includes an upgraded 250ml smell proof ultraviolet jar and an additional built in hard surface tray.

Click here to shop our XL Smell Proof Case


What About Home Storage?

XL Humidor

If you’re looking for something that fits perfectly in your home our XL Humidor is the perfect gift for just under $70. The humidor is a cedar wood storage box designed to preserve and keep your goods potent. In addition to the storage capacity, it comes equipped with accessories including a built in tray, smell proof jar and more!

The box is our best selling in-home storage solution and many customers call it the best value storage box on the market! Affordable, roomy, and fully smell proof.

Check out the XL humidor here


Best Value Under $100

final backpack

Finally, we’ve got the Best Selling Smell Proof Backpack on the market! As with all of our smell proof bags, this backpack contains a built in lock, a huge carrying capacity (it’s very roomy!) and sits very comfortably on your back, making it the perfect travel companion.

If you’re looking to go one size up from the XL case and still want the security of a built in lock and the discreet smell proof capabilities, this bag is for you!


This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Privacy..

There you have it! We’ve outlined quite a few options for your gift giving needs this holiday season! No matter what your budget is, Herb Guard has you covered.

In addition to this guide, if you have any questions about the products or need more general direction, feel free to shoot us an email – help@herbguard.com and we’ll make sure we get you taken care of!

Enjoy and happy shopping!