AutoCure Vacuum Seal Smart Jars with Built In Hygrometer (1 Liter / 2 Oz Capacity)

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  • KEEPS CONTENTS FRESH FOR MONTHS - The Vacuum Seal and UV Glass protection preserves your herbs and keeps them fresh for months.
  • UPGRADED VACUUM SEAL SMART LID WITH BUILT IN HYGROMETER - Monitor the internal environment of your jar with 100% accurate precision. Each jar contains a humidity pack and hygrometer built into the lid to ensure you can monitor inside the jar and maintain the perfect oxygen, humidity, and internal storage environment
  • NOT JUST A JAR, AN ENTIRE STORAGE KIT - Each smart jar comes equipped with a lock, labels, and humidity pack. We've included everything you need to provide a premium storage experience and ensure your contents stay fresh
  • BURP WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON - Our jars allow you to vacuum seal goods and burp with the push of a button. No more twisting lids!
  • PREMIUM GLASS THAT’S BUILT TO LAST - Our 2 Ounce Jar is 8 Inches in height by 5 Inches in diameter. The first thing you’ll notice the moment you pick up our jars? The weight and quality of our ultraviolet glass. Our jars are not only designed to protect your precious contents, they’re designed to withstand breaks and drops.

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