Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag with Built-in Combo Lock

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    • SMELL PROOF BAG THAT LOCKS IN ALL SCENTS & ODORS - Have full confidence knowing the Herb Guard Bag contains all smells while keeping your goods fresh!
    • A PATENTED BAG WITH A BUILT-IN COMBINATION LOCK TO KEEP CONTENTS PRIVATE & SAFE - This patented bag contains a built-in combo lock allowing you to set your own password combination and protect your goods.
    • STORES 3 TO 4 OUNCES OF YOUR FAVORITE GOODS - Keep your goods fresh and safe without worry! This bag holds roughly 3 to 4 ounces of your favorite herbs, dried foods, and consumable goods.
    • DISCREET, STYLISH AND A HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The Herb Guard Baggie has a sleek and stylish design that looks great in your home or while traveling.
    • MADE FROM PREMIUM 600D FABRIC & BUILT TO LAST - Herb Guard Sources All of Its Smell Proof Materials from the Highest Quality Manufacturers to Ensure Your Bag is Built to Last.

      The Premium Locking Smell Proof Bag

      The Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag is a compact 12 inch by 10 inch bag that holds all of your favorite goods with complete smell proof protection. A discreet and stylish bag, designed with you in mind.
      This bag contains a built in lock and inner velcro seal along with a smell proof carbon lining that traps and eliminates all scents and smells. With a tough and durable exterior, the Herb Guard bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting your coffee, teas, dried foods, herbs and spices.

      Discreet Design with a Front Mesh Pocket

      The bag contains an inner mesh divider to keep your items organized inside the bag, as well as a mesh pocket on the front of the bag to store all of your goods and accessories without having to lock them.
      This zipper protected pocket allows for quick and easy access to all of your contents.

      Comes with 2 Large Resealable Travel Bags

      If you're looking to store and keep your consumable goods separate from your other items, look no further. The Herb Guard pouch comes with 2 large, reusable travel bags to store any consumable goods you have and keep them separate from your other accessories and items in the bag. Now each pouch is equipped with double smell proof protection!
      Why Choose Herb Guard?

      Carbon Fiber Smell Proof Technology Traps and Eliminates All Smells

      The bag is lined with a carbon fiber, smell proof inner lining. This lining contains tiny pores and pockets that trap any smells that your goods give off. The carbon lining along with a double velcro seal makes the bag 100% smell proof!

      Perfect for Parties, Events or Home Storage

      The discreet and stylish design makes the bag the perfect accessory for parties, camping and travel or everyday storage needs in your home. The sleek and lightweight design makes the bag easy to travel with and very accessible!

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      How does the bag keep contents smell proof?

      The bag contains an activated carbon lining with tiny pockets that trap and eliminate even the strongest smells. No matter what you store inside the scent will be gone.

      Does the bag remain smell proof? How long does do the smell proof properties last?

      The bag remains smell proof for many months and even years. If it does being to release smell, put it in the dryer or take a hair dryer to the inside of it on light heat to reactivate the carbon lining.

      Is there a warranty or money back guarantee?

      Yes, we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee on all products

      How is this packaged and shipped?

      The packaging is simple and discreet. It is shipped in a plain box with the bag inside.
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      How fast do my products ship?

      We offer same day shipping on all products. Standard shipping typically arrives in 2 to 4 business days. Express arrives in 1 to 2 business days.

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      What does the packaging look like?

      Each package is shipped in a plain white box, inside of that box will be your products and packaging of that specific product.

      What happens if I have questions about my shipment?

      We're happy to help, send an email to help@herbguard.com and we'll get back to you right away!

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      We currently ship everywhere within the U.S. Canada and U.K.