XL Locking Airtight Jar with Built in Hygrometer (Holds 5 Ounces/2.5 Liters)

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  • KEEPS CONTENTS FRESH FOR MONTHS - The Premium UltraViolet (UV) Glass protection preserves your herbs, spices, coffee & teas and keeps them fresh for months.
  • UPGRADED WOOD GRAIN LID WITH BUILT IN HYGROMETER - Monitor the internal environment of your jar with 100% accurate precision. Each jar contains a humidity pack holder and hygrometer built into the lid to ensure you can monitor inside the jar and maintain the perfect oxygen, humidity, and internal storage environment
  • ANTISTATIC GLASS PROTECTS YOUR CONTENTS - Our glass truly prevents your contents from being stripped of their precious properties, ensuring you get a premium experience every time you store with Herb Guard.
  • NOT JUST A JAR, AN ENTIRE STORAGE KIT - Each 5-ounce airtight jar comes equipped with a lock, labels, and humidity pack. We've included everything you need to provide a premium storage experience and ensure your contents stay fresh
  • PREMIUM GLASS THAT’S BUILT TO LAST - Our 5 Ounce Jar is 9 Inches in height by 6 Inches in diameter. The first thing you’ll notice the moment you pick up our jars? The weight and quality of our ultraviolet glass.

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