Bloom Humidity Packs - 62% Pack of 4 - 67g

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  • 62% PACKS KEEP UP TO 1 LB OF CONTENTS FRESH FOR MONTHS - 2 way humidity control packs add and absorb humidity to keep your contents as fresh as possible. Store your precious goods with complete peace of mind knowing they’ll never go dry. Each pack is 6 x 4 inches
  • ALL NATURAL PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS - Have no fear Bloom uses zero chemicals or harmful ingredients. Perfect for all of your consumables including Herbs, coffee, spices and dried foods. Our moisture packs perfectly regulate all of your goods to keep them fresh.
  • REVIVE AND REJUVENATE DRIED OUT GOODS IN A DAY - Dealing with dried out Herb? We designed Bloom Packs to rejuvenate and revive dried out contents fast! Bring your goods back to life in a day
  • BOOSTS FLAVOR, AROMA & POTENCY - You’ll experience a boost in flavor and potency right away with our 62% Bloom packs. Whether you’re looking to make your dried goods fresh again, or want to maintain the potency of your contents for many months, we’ve got you covered
  • 4 INDIVIDUALLY SEALED PACKS - Bloom offers 4 individually sealed packs with each order. Unlike other packs, you can organize and store your packs out in the open without the worry of them expiring

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