Bloom Humidity and Curing Bags (10 Pack) - 62% RH 2-Way Self Humidifying Bag

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  • Keeps Goods Fresh for Over 6 Months - Our self-humidifying bags have a plant-based sheet inside designed to keep contents fresh at a perfect 62% RH.
  • Resealable and Reusable 2-Way Humidity Protection - The Bloom Bag provides an airtight seal to ensure no oxygen enters the bag and presents the perfect internal storage environment. You can reuse the bags multiple times as well!
  • A Portable Humidor (Yet Easy to Travel With) - Each Bag is 8 x 10 inches and makes for the perfect companion to store your contents safely at home or on the road with complete peace of mind they’ll stay fresh for months.
  • Protects Potency, Maintains Flavor - Each bag presents the perfect internal environment designed to keep humidity levels at 62% to prevent goods from drying out and protect potency.
  • Zero Work or Activation, Set It and Forget It - Bloom bags are simple and easy to use. Simply place your contents and product inside the bag and let it work without having to lift a finger.

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